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Messages/Music On-Hold
At Microstudios we create phone On-hold messages that make your customers want to
wait on hold, whilst projecting an image that is sculptured to your business.
Each creation we produce is unique and not made to a time frame. It is treated as a
work of art, however the only thing that does not reflect such a work of art is the price
we charge.
Give us a try, you have nothing to loose, please read our Satisfaction Guarantee.
Why use On-Hold Messages
Take advantage and make the time your customers spend waiting ON HOLD
productive !!
Take control of what your callers are subjected to.
If you capture their interest then the amount of time waiting on hold is not
perceived as too long.
You can pass on important messages saving your staff time. 
You can boost your sales or services by making customers/clients aware of your
products or services.
Great for introducing new products and services.
You generally have a captured audience so it is important to utilise the
If you use the radio for music on hold then you are using valuable free air time
advertising other people's products and playing music that may not be
appropriate for your business.. You also need to pay an annual license fee to
For businesses that have regular callers, consider an ongoing theme with regular
updates, you will be surprised that customers actually look forward to listening to
what is On Hold.
We can create whatever you require. 
Next time you make a call and are placed on hold, pay attention and consider
your callers!