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Studio Recording
Our studio is fully equipt with the latest hardware
and software to cater for all types of recording. As
our name suggests however, we are only a small
studio and  therefore our soundproof recording
room is limited in size
and primarily aimed
and tuned as a vocal
Audio for any purpose.  We can inexpensively produce
a short message for a special occasion, an audio Birthday
Card perhaps.
Wouldn't it be nice to dance the wedding couple's first
dance to a special love song sung by the groom and/or bride. With the help of
technology we can assist (nudge or maybe pull) your voice in tune. Something unique
and special, to be remembered by all.
For those who may be embarrassed, consider a
special wedding gift to your partner, a song sung by
you especially for your partner or a special message.
Let your imagination be driven by your heart.
We can provide professional audio editing for school
plays, dances and functions. For any need that
requires professional sound, contact us.
We can record children playing a musical instrument or singing. Have you ever
considered professionally recording your child reading a story or poem they created.
Great memory for when they grow up.
Fun! Yes why not. Our favourite! We can record anything you want, whether its just a
joke, singing for fun or whatever your imagination can come up with.
You do not have to be professional to produce something with a bit of quality. You will
be surprised with the results.
Have some fun !!!!!!!!!!
From the heart. For that special person in your life, express your love by doing
something out of the ordinary, something that would not be expected or imagined.
Let your imagination be directed by your heart............
Some ideas:
Reading of a poem you wrote for your partner, parent, child or friend, set in
appropriate background music. 
Reading of a message you wrote for a special person or occasion, set in
background music.
You can sing that special song. So maybe your singing is not so great, we can
help. We have pitch correcting hardware and an arsenal of effects to help. Even
if its not a million dollar hit, it will be a hit for that special person you dedicate it to. 
Audio cards.
Whatever you can think of we can help you create it !